Our Technology

A Note About our Technology

Although our office has been instrumental in introducing much of the advanced technology now present in many endodontic offices, our perspective is that advanced technology is only a tool----a tool that requires experience and knowledge to be truly beneficial for patients.


For example, we introduced CBCT technology to much of the endodontic specialty in our 2008, and our software TDO was the first (and still the only) endodontic software to seamlessly integrate the technology into its diagnostic and treatment protocols. It is a powerful tool in endodontics but it is also dangerous if one is not trained properly in its use and it can lead to a great deal of over-treatment if used without good training.


Indeed, much of the advanced technology that has allowed a higher standard of care in endodontics was developed or invented in our practice, or at my Research Foundation in San Diego: operating microscopes, ultrasonic surgical and re-treatment instruments, micro surgical instrumentation, CBCT imaging, and, of course, our software (TDO).


TDO is universally recognized as the "gold standard" in endodontic record keeping and is used by top clinicians in 30 countries. Our invented instrumentation is still used today in virtually every endodontic practice in the world and millions of patients have benefited from its use.