About Us

How We Work

Our practice is referral-based only. We generally do not accept self-referrals or referrals from other patients.

It is important to us, and a foundational principle in our office, that we always work in conjunction with a restorative dentist with whom we are familiar and have confidence in.

It is important to us to work with your team and that all treatment is treatment-planned at a high standard and is appropriate and necessary, and that such a treatment plan has been explained and understood by the patient.

When you are referred, that referral will come with historical notes from your dentist, any prior imaging that has been done, and the referral Dr's requests to me.

I will review these records prior to seeing you and will be familiar with your case when you arrive. I will then ask you to give your understanding of the case, in your own words, as well as reviewing any symptoms you may have. After listening to you, I may do some additional tests, some additional imaging, and then discuss the case with you, explaining the diagnosis and whatever treatment options are available to you, what they will cost, and how long they will take.

I do not delegate these duties to my staff, and I will personally answer any questions you may have, no matter how simple or complex.

Since the patients we treat have typically already had endodontic treatment and/or endodontic surgery, and we are dealing with endodontic failure, the procedural events that follow are different than in a conventional endodontic practice. Our practice model is based on the predictability of successful outcomes. For this reason, many of our cases are not completed until healing is evident or until all symptoms are completely resolved. Therefore our treatment approach may extend over many months, while we wait for evidence of sufficient healing.

So, we do almost no single-visit treatment in our office and typically do not complete a case until we have high certainty it will be successful. If our treatment is not successful we will typically refund the entire fee.

Our Practice Model Is Based On Predictability of Successful Outcomes.

Why We Work This Way

Our practice model is the result of many years of practicing "retreatment endodontics."

In managing endodontic failure, our perspective (and our commitment to you) is to achieve long-term, functional success or what we call a "patient-centered outcome." A foundational principle of our office, and what motivates us as clinicians, is to provide the kind of care that preserves the natural dentition for the lifetime of the patient.

For this reason, if your case does not achieve our stated goal, we are happy to refund all fees paid, no questions asked.

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